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All our implants and biomaterials are from the world's premium implant companies.

Wherever you have your implant treatment, it is important that you have genuine, non replica implants, that are long-lasting and easy to service.

Masters Level Implantologists...

Dr Hussein Asaria BDS (Lond) GDC 103996,
MJDF RCS (Eng), MSc Implantology, F.I.C.O.I., D.I.C.O.I.

  • Dr. Hussein Asaria gained his Masters and was awarded the highest award, Fellow and Diplomate member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologist. He is a ‘Certified expert in Oral Implantology of ICOI Europe’. 

  • Post graduate Masters degree from the renowned Frankfurt University.

  • Hussein is a mentor to other dentists embarking upon their Implant career.

  • Qualified from Kings College London and gained his diploma of Membership to the Joint Facilities of the Royal College of Surgeons. 

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Example implant treatments...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an implant?

A dental implant is an "artificial tooth root" made out of titanium, which is very biocompatible with the human body. Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth. Implant-supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth. They even preserve the integrity of the facial structure and reduce premature ageing. Dental implants are a proven tooth replacement option with a long clinical history.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Anyone who is missing/losing one or more of their teeth due to injury, disease or decay may be a candidate for dental implants. Occasionally, older patients express concern that their age may prevent them from enjoying the benefits that dental implants offer. However, health is more of a determining factor than age. If you're healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you're probably healthy enough to receive dental implants. 

Is there any pain or discomfort involved?

Most patients report very little discomfort and that the process was more comfortable following procedure than they anticipated. 

How will I benefit from dental implants?

The benefits of implant treatment include appearance, the enhanced ability to chew and enjoy your food, and often protection of your remaining teeth and jawbone. They help with increased self-esteem and social confidence.

How long will the treatment take?

Treatment will vary depending on your particular situation. nowadays it is often possible to have "same-day tooth/teeth" prior to having your final cosmetic teeth within a few months. In some cases it may be necessary to wait longer before finishing the restoration in order to obtain an optimal result.

Will I ever be without my teeth?

This depends on your situation. Most patients can have a temporary tooth during treatment. Using the latest implant designs we can often provide same day fixed in place teeth on the same day as placing your implant.

Can I spread the cost of the treatment?

We offer 12 months interest free credit.

How long do implants last?

Dental bridges supported by implants have been shown to last over 15 years in 90% of cases. We have every indication that they can last longer. The key to long term success is maintenance and regular dental/hygiene visits.

Is it important to take care of the implants after the treatment is completed?

Yes! Caring for your implants will help assure long-term success of your treatment. It is imperative that you have your regular check-ups and hygienist appointments as prescribed.


Faster treatment with Same day implant teeth...

Photo taken immediately after treatment. Gum colour settles within a few days.

Want your new teeth straight away?

New teeth are typically attached to implants 3 months or so after they have been placed - this gives implants time to become firm.

By using especially designed implants for added stability, our expert team can safely place same day teeth in almost every case.

Same day temporary teeth.

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All-on-4 / All-on-6
Same Day Smiles
Same Day Fixed Teeth

Palmers Green's Premier Implant Center. 
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Full Jaw Implants

The ideal solution for missing teeth : )

If you're anxious about losing teeth, you're certainly not alone.

Unlike traditional treatments like "bridges" or "dentures", dental implants are fixed-in-place, and avoids cutting any remaining teeth.  Considered one of the longest lasting dental treatments to help you smile and chew confidently.

Palmers Green's Premier Implant Centre. 
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No hidden costs...

At your consultation we'll give you a complete treatment plan with all the costs explained. 

All the costs are inclusive and we don't add any little extras so you can be confident before you start.


Implant Consultation

At your comprehensive consultation we'll take you through all your options. You have no obligation or pressure from us to go ahead.


Implant Xrays

All standard X-rays are included. 
(In some cases we may recommend a very competitively priced 3D scan.)

(Up to £100)

(Usually £200)


Review Appointment 

Prices include in-treatment reviews and all the little extras. No hidden costs.


(Excludes Crown)

We're one of the most cost-effective implant centres in the Palmers Green area with zero compromise on quality.

Convenient Palmers Green Location

Protects Remaining 

Longest Lasting

High Success Rate
(Over 98%)

Chew & Smile 

Prevents on-going
Bone Shrinkage

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Premium Implant  £1400 £999  SAVE 29% 

DENTAL IMPLANT (an artificial tooth root)

IMPLANT TOOTH (or "Crown")

Premium Implant Tooth: £999 £599   SAVE 40% 


Straumann Neodent Abutment £350 £299  SAVE 15% 


The Crown (implant tooth)

Final tooth can be made from "composite" or "porcelain"



£999 £599  SAVE 40% 


£350 £299  SAVE 15% 

The Dental Implant


£1400 £999   SAVE 29% 

Allows a new tooth to connect to your implant.

Acts like an artificial root in the bone.

Premium Quality.
Affordable Pricing.


Prices include in-treatment reviews and all the little extras. No hidden costs.

(No Hidden Extras)

Review Appointment


As part of your assessment, our team will take a digital scan of your teeth and explain all your options.

Up to £100)



At your comprehensive consultation we'll take you through all your options. You have no obligation or pressure from us to go ahead.

(Usually £200)



Limited Offer.
Excludes Crown.

Save over 35% on premium brand implants.

We're one of the most cost-effective implant centres in the Palmers Green area with zero compromise on quality.


Limited availability. Convenient Palmers Green Location.
Pay monthly plans available. 

100% Free Consultation. 

Includes Standard X-Rays.

No hidden costs - receive a full treatment plan at your free consultation.

Save over £1000 per implant.

We only use the world's best dental implants. 

No replicas. No unknown brands. High Success.


0% Finance Plans Available.

(includes initial set of teeth)

5 Star Rated Implant Team.

"I was referred here by my dentist for a tooth extraction  I am a nervous patient when it comes to needles and believe me I had a few and didn't feel a thing, I was amazed. Seriously you need to visit this place if you do not like dental work but need it. I was seen by two females, dentician and assistant, again, really lovely  caring people. I would most definitely visit again. Keep up the good work."

Juliette Earle

"Had an amazing experience with Dr Hussein placing an implant, I was also the first patient to have PRF treatment which was extremely interesting. 

He was very gentle and talked me though the treatment as I am very anxious patient. I also had a clean with Hanna who done a wonderful job. I am very satisfied with the service and level of professionalism. Thanks team Hazelwood."

Becky Kalkan

Hear from our Patients...

"Very warm and family friendly practice.
All the staff are so welcoming and polite, it's always a pleasure to go. Even the kids love it as they always get a sticker and special treatment by the staff.

All the dentists are really competent, very thorough in their diagnosis and know what they are doing. The 5 of us attend this practice and are very happy with the practice."

Doureine Hiridjee

"Really great dentists who actually care about their patients. I've told all my family and friends about Hazelwood. 

If you're looking for a good dentist, look no further."

Samantha Mathis

"Hazelwood's dentists are one of the best dentists I've ever dealt with! They're nice, welcoming, and they make sure to make their customers feel comfortable while doing dentistry."

Polly Maag

Premium Implants. Affordable Pricing...


 Free Consultation (Value £200) 

Dental Implants.

35% OFF (Ends 5th Jan 2022)

"Almost £1000 cheaper than the UK average." 

Premium Brand Implants